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"At CSU We Believe that a Healthy Body Creates a Healthy Mind"

“Educate & Shape Social, Independent and Happy, Global Individuals by developing Grassroots Sports Programs in Greater China, setting foundation for China to become one of the Greatest Sports Nations in the World.


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Some of CSU's Top Coaches:

Javier morales china sports united csu shanghai basketball


Director of Basketball

Javier has 8 Years Experience as a Pro Player! He is the Head of CSU’s Basketball Division. Are You Ready to Meet Javier!?



Football Coach

Vincent is an Experienced, fully Licensed Football Coach from the Netherlands, who has taught at Manchester United Soccer Schools and in the Netherlands and China!



Head of Dance

Julie is a Extremely Talented and Experienced Dance Teacher from the Ukraine.

She is also a former National Champion in Running.

Mel CSU Basketball Coaching Shanghai Basketball China


Head Coach Basketball

Meet Mel! Mel is Great with Young Kids. He Has Patience, Discipline, Enthusiasm and Charisma and That’s Exactly What He Will Teach Your Child!

CSU Intro

China Sports United runs affordable High-Quality Premium Sports Programs for Chinese and International kids in China. We offer Regular Sports Programs, Clinics & Camps and Events. We are a Dutch Sports Organisation, we teach according to Dutch Teaching Methods and West European Standards.
High level coaching, safe environment and top service are key values that you will find back in every program. We can build customized programs suitable to your needs and demands, at a very reasonable price! Sports we offer vary from Basketball, to Football, Tennis, Swim, and more. We also have dance classes!
Shanghai Sports United is part of China Sports United, CSU!


Why CSU?

Great Coaches, State of the Art Facilities, Safety First at Any Program, Bilingual!

How About Safety?

Our Coaches are First Aid Trained, we Purchase Insurance for Participants, our Locations are Child Friendly and Well Maintained and In Regards to Safety: When in Doubt, we Leave it Out.

How to Subscribe?

Contact Us by Phone: +86 (0)21 6199 4816
By Email:
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Sign Up Online or by form: or
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Follow the procedures and steps
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Membership & Rules

Each individual must first purchase a China Sports United units to participate in any China Sports United program. There are options to purchase 2 terms, full term, or in units.
Priority enrollment in China Sports United programs will be given to students enrolled in China Sports United Partners.
If you can’t come to a training or class, you have to notify us 24 hours in advance – to keep any units you are entitled to.
*Alternative options

Register at the Program; please speak with one of the sports managers.

Registration for any program is not complete unless you receive a confirmation email from the China Sports United office and payment has been made.
Refund Policy

– Regular Programs

30 days or more in advance: 70% Refund
7 days or more: 50% Refund
During the season: no Refund possible
– Camp

30 days or more in advance: 70% Refund
7 days or more: 50% Refund
During the Camp: no Refund possible
* Refund Policy does not apply or can not go in combination with Special Offers or Group Arrangements. – In case of group arrangements, no refund can be given

Out of Age Group Registration

Children who do not meet China Sports United age group requirements by being either too old or too young are not eligible to participate in China Sports United programs. Limited exceptions can be made at the discretion of China Sports United management in cases where doing so would not pose safety and/or fair competition concerns. Out-of-age group participants will only be registered by waiting list and only on a space available basis.


China Sports United is fortunate to work closely with schools and facilities to host quality activities. Please remember that China Sports United participants and families are guests at these facilities and so we ask that everyone respect the property and use it only for the scheduled activity. Please refrain from using other parts of the facility, observe safety guidelines, and dispose of waste properly.

Family members and friends are warmly welcome to attend activities subject to teacher approval and space limitations. Parents are strictly responsible and liable for any damage caused by their children or guests.

Safety and Health

China Sports United will make best efforts to provide a well-supervised environment to reduce the risk of accidents.

China Sports United will not accept liability for accidents. China Sports United requires that parents sign a liability waiver.
China Sports United covers children with insurance if they completely filled out all relevant registration forms (enrollment form + disclaimer)
Any child playing or behaving in a way that endangers other children may be dismissed from the activity without refund.

China Sports United uses English as the main language of instruction and coaching in most of its activities. China Sports United cannot offer refunds to participants who discontinue participation for language reasons.
China Sports United offer bilingual programs, however, main instructions, and coaching will be done in English. Chinese language will be covered by Chinese speaking assistants. In rare cases (for example at the start up of new classes) if a program has too few children (6-10), the program might not have an assistant coach and English language prevails.

In rare cases, if students do not have sufficient English skills, their parents can be asked to help the coaches in translating instructions. This will only be done if the overall instruction to the team is not adversely affected.
Program Changes

China Sports United retains the right to modify programs at any time from their description in catalogs or on the website.

Due to the possibility of unforeseen circumstances such as venue availability, teacher/coach illness, etc., China Sports United reserves the right to add, cancel or reschedule classes. China Sports United reserves the right to change teachers/coaches at any time.

Make Up Policy

When classes/games are cancelled due to the weather or other unforeseen circumstances, our best effort will be made to schedule make-up classes, but make-up classes are not guaranteed. Refunds/credits will not be issued for events cancelled due to these conditions.


Evidence of thunder and lightning in the area or consistently heavy rain is the criteria we use for cancelling scheduled programs.

In case of rain

China Sports United will assess the field condition to determine whether the surface is playable without causing field damage.
China Sports United will inform the coaches of cancellation of the game(s) at least one hour before the start of the scheduled game(s).
China Sports United will send out an email notice to all registered participants at the earliest opportunity (or from the moment the games are cancelled).
China Sports United will post a cancellation notice on the notice board of the website.
If you are not notified by any of these methods, games will be played as scheduled.

In case of thunder, lightning and other extreme inclement weather, China Sports United will cancel or postpone outdoor activities. All activities will cease and members will be asked to leave China Sports United premises and seek either shelter at home or elsewhere.


Payments must be made in full before start of the program.
Credit and Refund

If a participant wishes to withdraw from any class or activity (including camps and special events) they must inform the China Sports United registrar in writing within duration of the program. They will be entitled to a credit or refund on the following basis:

Membership Package fees are NON-REFUNDABLE except in instances where a member requests a refund within one month of the payment and has not participated in any China Sports United programs.
Pre-booking fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.
After the first class/game, 50% of the fees are refundable.
There will be NO REFUND after the second session/class of a program.
Units are valid for 26 weeks after date of payment. If two packages are bought at the same time, units are valid for 1 year.
Refunds are available if complete refund process has been approved by China Sports United.
Refunds will only be given when valid receipt is provided.
Refunds not claimed within three months or release date shall be cancelled.
China Sports United reserves the right to amend or change policies or the content of this catalog as necessary without prior notice.



Terms and Conditions


I agree to allow my child to participate in the China Sports United operated Sports Programs and certify that my child’s physical condition is adequate to participate in all kinds of activities associated with the sports training. If there has been a history of physical illness, making them unfit for strenuous exercise, such as but not limited to: asthma, congenital heart disease, epilepsy, etc., I will inform the China Sports United staff when registering, inform the program director and coaches at sign up time of the program, and have available at all times with the child the medicine associated with the subject illness in case of any emergency.

I am the legal parent or guardian of the Participant. China Sports United (CSU), the Participant and the undersigned parent or guardian understand and agree that CSU, its employees, officers, directors, agents, sponsors, volunteers, representatives and parties providing venues for CSU programs and their officers will not be liable to the Participant, the undersigned, his/her heirs, executors, administrators and assigns for any manner of actions, causes of action, claims, demands, personal injury or injuries, damages, destruction, theft to or of his/her property or otherwise, whatsoever or howsoever arising, whether through negligence or otherwise, resulting from, or occurring in connection with, activities or events organized by CSU.

Students are required to be in possession of medical insurance. During the program, China Sports United also requires each student attending the program to maintain short-term personal accident injury insurance which will be included in the program fee and which will be purchases by China Sports United. Therefor   it is necessary to leave the participants ID-number and type of ID information on the registration form (if we do not have this, we cannot purchase insurance for your child). If participants suffer an injury due to the training or other reasons during the training period, the insurance companies will bear the medical costs up to the insured amount, the remaining amount will be paid by the undersigned. If further attention beyond the capabilities of our coaches and staff is required, I understand that CSU will use the medical facility of CSU’s discretion and that I will be responsible for all costs. Transportation will be provided by my own driver, any volunteer offering his/her vehicle, or taxi.

During the program, large amounts of cash or valuables are not recommended, such as but not limited tops, digital cameras, MP3, miniature video cameras, mobiles (we have staff telephones in the program), etc. If these articles have been carried and lost or damaged, participants will bear responsibility for their own belongings. China Sports United has its own exclusive program provisions. To those who seriously violate these program provisions, including: disobeying management, adversely affecting the program, committing acts of violence, endangering the safety and wellbeing of others, engaging engaged in drugs, sex or alcohol, we have rights to force participants to withdraw from the program without returning any fees nor registration expenses.



Parent’s Code of Behavior:



  • Focus on the child’s efforts and performance rather than winning or losing.
  • Never ridicule or yell at a child for making a mistake or losing a competition.
  • Remember that children learn best by example. Appreciate good performances and skillful plays by all participant
  • Respect officials’ decisions and teach children to do likewise.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every young person regardless of their nationality, gender, ability, cultural background or religion.
  • Any other matters not mentioned herein, will be subject to official’s or CSU staff’s explanation
  • Respect CSU facilities; no smoking, no going into areas where activities do not take place, do not damage anything, keep everything clean.



I will agree to the policy and terms and conditions as stated at /

I agree China Sports United is allowed to use the copyright of the photos and videos taken of my child during the Program, and agree to allow China Sports United to use these photos and videos for commercial purposes.

China Sports United has explained to me in detail the content and signification of the above terms and I have fully understood the legal effects of the above terms. My child and I agree to abide by all these terms.


China Sports United is Always Looking for Teachers/Coaches. Are You in Possesion of a Teachers Degree, Sports Degree (Bachelor or Similar), Specific or Advanced Coaching Certificate, or do you have Experience as a Pro?

Email to:
Call: +86 (0)21 6199 4816

We are Currently Looking for:
– Basketball Coaches
– Dance Teachers
– Swim Teachers
– PE Teachers
– Tennis Coaches

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